Sunday, 1 November 2009


Welcome to the 1st of November everyone and I do hope you had an enjoyable October.

November Issue of Insight Is Out Now

November Issue of' Insight' Out Now

Today is the release of the November Issue of Insight, your Free Tarot and Spiritual E-Magazine available to you as a member of Tilly Tarot. You can download your Free copy here;

Be sure to save it to your hard drive so you can go back and browse later. This E-Magazine is available to all my members but I am happy for you to forward it to all your friends too.

Full Moon Approaches

On this day after Hallowe'en we have entered into a peak time where we are also about to experience a Full Moon. A Tarot Reading can be more insightful when performed during this time of great energy so I strongly advise you book a Full Moon reading. Also still available are Hallowe'en readings that I am only conducting until Monday at Midnight when the Full Moon is at it's fullest. Visit the seasonal section of the website to find these readings here;

Dreams and Nightmare Meanings

I thought I would also share with you my night of terrible dreams which I usually expect during Hallowe'en time. I shall be performing dream readings for my family the next few days and certainly for myself aswell! If you have had a dream filled night and wish to know more about the messages and what they mean I can perform a Tarot Reading for you to find out more. I recommend you write down all that has happened and then I shall ask the cards for guidance. Dream Meanings Tarot Reading can be found in the General section of the website here;

New General Reading

I would like to also announce a new reading in my General section that makes buying a reading much simpler. It is one Tarot card per question and so on purchasing you just change the quantity in the PayPal cart to however many specific questions you may have... or you may just have one. At only £5.00 a question this is very affordable and easy to do. You can ask the cards a question right now at this link;

Sending positive and inspiring energy to all my members today and I wish you lots of happiness for the month of November.

Your personal Tarot Card Reader... Tilly xxx

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