Friday, 9 October 2009

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Hello everyone,
I wasn't going to send another email out this week but I couldn't help telling you again about the spooky story competition I have running and the huge amount of Halloween readings available. There is so much going on and I would like to thank everyone who has emailed me about the relaunch of the monthly e-magazine 'Insight'. It has been a great success and has reached many people so please feel free to forward it to all of your friends too. After all it is free and all dedicated to you!

Spooky Stories Competition
Have you seen a ghost? Heard noises or bumps in the night? Please, send me your encounters whether they are a couple of lines or a masterpiece! I am interested to hear them and share with others in the November issue of Insight. The star letter will receive a Free Tarot Card Reading! Here is a link to the page which says more about it all; otherwise just reply to this email with your ghostly tale... I can't wait to read more of your tales from the darkside and so far they have been fantastic... oh andpictures welcome too!

Halloween Readings
As you know Halloween is coming up now and the shops are beginning to fill with many decorations and trick or treat ideas. Now available on the website is a list of Halloween Tarot readings for you to choose from only £5! On a serious note this time of year known also as 'Samhain' is where the veil between the worlds are at their thinnest meaning spirits can pass through to our world easily during this time. With all this dramatic magical energy about I am performing readings now up till the end of the month. I really recommend a reading at this time of year where there is the best energy around so here is the link to the Halloween vault of magical Tarot Readings;

Recent Feedback from my Guestbook
"I ordered the who is my spirit guide reading from tilly and received it within 24 hours. It revealed to me what has been in the back of my mind for some time about a spirit and I am so pleased I chose the reading!!! An amazingly gifted person.. I will be recommeded you tilly thank you" (Julia, Suffolk UK)

"Your reading has really helped me see what I need to do now and opened my eyes to the possibilities again. Very acurate reading ... I shall be back and recommending you to my friends. Thank you" (Hannah, Devon UK)

"A wonderful Tarot reading!!! Have had many in the past but now I return again and again to Tilly. She is honest and always shines a light on new situations to help me. Thank you Tilly" (Sandra, California, US)
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Insight E-Magazine
If you haven't already downloaded this months issue of Insight e-magazine you can do so by visiting my newsletters page where you can find all the back issues of all my newsletters. Here is the link to your free online copy

Wishing everyone a very magical weekend...
Tilly xXx

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