Tuesday, 1 December 2009

Christmas Issue of Insight Out Now!

Download your free copy of Insight now!

The Christmas Issue is packed full of article from world renowned readers and other Animal Healers. I do hope you enjoy this month's issue and wishing you a happy December ahead!

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Sunday, 1 November 2009


Welcome to the 1st of November everyone and I do hope you had an enjoyable October.

November Issue of Insight Is Out Now

November Issue of' Insight' Out Now

Today is the release of the November Issue of Insight, your Free Tarot and Spiritual E-Magazine available to you as a member of Tilly Tarot. You can download your Free copy here; http://www.tillytarot.com/newsletters/

Be sure to save it to your hard drive so you can go back and browse later. This E-Magazine is available to all my members but I am happy for you to forward it to all your friends too.

Full Moon Approaches

On this day after Hallowe'en we have entered into a peak time where we are also about to experience a Full Moon. A Tarot Reading can be more insightful when performed during this time of great energy so I strongly advise you book a Full Moon reading. Also still available are Hallowe'en readings that I am only conducting until Monday at Midnight when the Full Moon is at it's fullest. Visit the seasonal section of the website to find these readings here; http://www.tillytarot.com/seasonal/seasonal.html

Dreams and Nightmare Meanings

I thought I would also share with you my night of terrible dreams which I usually expect during Hallowe'en time. I shall be performing dream readings for my family the next few days and certainly for myself aswell! If you have had a dream filled night and wish to know more about the messages and what they mean I can perform a Tarot Reading for you to find out more. I recommend you write down all that has happened and then I shall ask the cards for guidance. Dream Meanings Tarot Reading can be found in the General section of the website here; http://www.tillytarot.com/general/general.html

New General Reading

I would like to also announce a new reading in my General section that makes buying a reading much simpler. It is one Tarot card per question and so on purchasing you just change the quantity in the PayPal cart to however many specific questions you may have... or you may just have one. At only £5.00 a question this is very affordable and easy to do. You can ask the cards a question right now at this link; http://www.tillytarot.com/general/one-card-per-question.html

Sending positive and inspiring energy to all my members today and I wish you lots of happiness for the month of November.

Your personal Tarot Card Reader... Tilly xxx

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Friday, 9 October 2009

News from Tilly Tarot

Hello everyone,
I wasn't going to send another email out this week but I couldn't help telling you again about the spooky story competition I have running and the huge amount of Halloween readings available. There is so much going on and I would like to thank everyone who has emailed me about the relaunch of the monthly e-magazine 'Insight'. It has been a great success and has reached many people so please feel free to forward it to all of your friends too. After all it is free and all dedicated to you!

Spooky Stories Competition
Have you seen a ghost? Heard noises or bumps in the night? Please, send me your encounters whether they are a couple of lines or a masterpiece! I am interested to hear them and share with others in the November issue of Insight. The star letter will receive a Free Tarot Card Reading! Here is a link to the page which says more about it all; http://www.tillytarot.com/submit-your-ghost-story.html otherwise just reply to this email with your ghostly tale... I can't wait to read more of your tales from the darkside and so far they have been fantastic... oh andpictures welcome too!

Halloween Readings
As you know Halloween is coming up now and the shops are beginning to fill with many decorations and trick or treat ideas. Now available on the website is a list of Halloween Tarot readings for you to choose from only £5! On a serious note this time of year known also as 'Samhain' is where the veil between the worlds are at their thinnest meaning spirits can pass through to our world easily during this time. With all this dramatic magical energy about I am performing readings now up till the end of the month. I really recommend a reading at this time of year where there is the best energy around so here is the link to the Halloween vault of magical Tarot Readings; http://www.tillytarot.com/seasonal/halloween_bookings.html

Recent Feedback from my Guestbook
"I ordered the who is my spirit guide reading from tilly and received it within 24 hours. It revealed to me what has been in the back of my mind for some time about a spirit and I am so pleased I chose the reading!!! An amazingly gifted person.. I will be recommeded you tilly thank you" (Julia, Suffolk UK)

"Your reading has really helped me see what I need to do now and opened my eyes to the possibilities again. Very acurate reading ... I shall be back and recommending you to my friends. Thank you" (Hannah, Devon UK)

"A wonderful Tarot reading!!! Have had many in the past but now I return again and again to Tilly. She is honest and always shines a light on new situations to help me. Thank you Tilly" (Sandra, California, US)
Add your feedback to the Guestbook

Insight E-Magazine
If you haven't already downloaded this months issue of Insight e-magazine you can do so by visiting my newsletters page where you can find all the back issues of all my newsletters. Here is the link to your free online copy http://www.tillytarot.com/newsletters/index.html

Wishing everyone a very magical weekend...
Tilly xXx

Thursday, 8 October 2009

Halloween Tarot Card Readings

From the 1st of October I have begun to perform Tarot Card Readings for the Halloween season.
With some of the best energy of the year where the veils are thin between worlds so you cannot miss out on a Halloween Tarot Card Reading.


Monday, 5 October 2009



Every so often I shall be featuring the best Ghost, Paranormal or other Spiritual stories in the Free Monthly E-Magazine ‘Insight’. (You can download your Free copy here). For the Top Featured Story I shall be offering a Free Tarot Card Reading!
The stories can be all types of ghost haunting to psychic experiences or any other paranormal or parapsychology connection. Your story can be scary, spiritually enlightening or based on a medium you encountered. Be bold and share your story and hauntings to reveal your clairvoyant or psychic connection!

Other stories featured will be about your Spirit Guides who lead your through your life and have helped your over situations and experiences.

Ghost stories for Halloween or real life stories will be considered so if you are an aspiring author aswell where you wish a fictional story to be featured! Or if you are wishing to share a true life scary or spiritual story please do contact me, either way your story will be seriously considered.

I have personal experiences of living in haunted houses from my childhood and shared my story with National Magazine High Spirit (see my features page here). Insight e-magazine reaches thousands of like-minded spiritual individuals whom you can connect with about your ghost story!

Thursday, 1 October 2009


Every month I produce a Free Tarot E-Magazine for my members. You can now download the October Issue of what is now called 'Insight' here;

I do hope you enjoy this months Issue which is filled with interesting articles all made especially for you as a loyal friend.

Included are Halloween readings and many Mind, Body and Spirit Fayres that are coming up in your area this month!

Enjoy the month of October and the new Insight E-Magazine!

Tilly Tarot xxx

Friday, 11 September 2009


Hello everyone,
Were entering a completely new season now and new time where change is all around us. The September newsletter is full of inspiring articles and a Harvest Moon Tarot Reading to help ease you into the new season.

I do hope you enjoy it and you can download it here right now for free; http://www.tillytarot.com/free_ebook.html
Have a very special weekend!Tilly xxx

Tuesday, 1 September 2009



As we enter the busy month of September we move straight into a Full Moon on the Friday the 4th. Emotions certainly run dramatically high during this time and we all feel a little tense and unsure. Book a Full Moon Reading today to take advantage of this lunar energy!

The Moon is the ruler of emotions and the changing tides of time. It's influence on our 'biological tides' are powerfully felt at this time of the lunar cycle because our bodies are made up of more than 85% water and guided by the pull of gravity and oceanic tides. We can however harness this large silver luminary and strong energy in a Tarot Reading once a month. A three card reading can help reveal our deepest worries or wishes that surface during the time of a Full Moon.
During a Full Moon we can ask for our deepest desires and wishes to be granted with the powers of intuition, healing and spirituality coming channeled from the magnetic pulls. Ask the cards for insight with a specific question that is troubling you or something you so hope for in the future or I shall perform a general outlook for you.

Book Today to harness the Moon's energy for the week up to Friday 4th September!
To Buy simply Click the Link Below or Cut and Paste the link into your Browser address bar.

Sunday, 30 August 2009


The latest newsletter is now available online to download and read at your leisure. This month everyone is in the bag for many competitions.. to be in with a chance simply join the newsletter at http://www.tillytarot.com/

Good Luck to all this month!
Download and see all other Tarot E-Books at this link Free!
Tilly xxx

Wednesday, 17 June 2009


Dear All,
The latest June Newsletter is now available to download from http://www.tillytarot.com/newsletters/
I do hope you enjoy it! It contains a special Summer Solstice Reading and articles on Tarot in the 21st Century all free for my Members!
Kind Wishes
Tilly xxx

Monday, 4 May 2009


Dear All,
You can now download the latest newsletter from my website. It is filled with inspiring articles for your 2009 ahead.
To find it simply join my mailing list and you will be given details on how to download it from there.
I do hope you enjoy your free book this month and I wish you a happy May 2009!
Kindest Wishes
Tilly Tarot xxx

Monday, 20 April 2009

Saturday, 11 April 2009



You can download my free newsletters by signing up to the Tilly Tarot Mailing List.
Every month I produce an E-Book for all my members on holistic care and all that is Tarot. I do hope you enjoy this month's issue. X

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Friday, 3 April 2009


Some of you have been asking about a Tarot Course recently and so I have decided to put together a collection of Tarot Card Interpretations for FREE as there are so many on the net that are at a cost.

We should all have access to the knowledge of the Tarot for FREE to help build our Psychic Abilities and knowledge of this ancient craft. I hope you find it useful and above all enjoy it!

Please Sign Up and Subscribe to my Page... It is completely free of charge and created just for you.


Have a Lovely Weekend!

Tilly xxxx

Saturday, 21 February 2009


Join the Newsletter to be in with a chance to win a Tarot Card Reading monthly...and!

Refer a friend to be in with a Weekly Chance to Win! (Be Aware It May Tell You no list exists... but it does and I will receive your email)

Here is how to enter the competition...

Simply send an email to me with the emails of friends you wish to refer.

The great news is the more you enter the more chance you have of winning!

Competition runs weekly and continuously...

No purchase necessary!

Good Luck!

Tilly xxx

Terms and Conditions

Emails must be valid
No limit to amount of email referrals sent Competition closes Friday at Midnight weekly Winners will be contacted via email on the Saturday No two emails sent should be the same No cash alternative Judges decision is final The prize will consist of 1 Tarot Card Reading with a one question. The prize will be delivered to the winner within 2 weeks of the prize draw and contact.
There will be 1 winner, winning one prize.
Must be 18 or over to enter.

Saturday, 14 February 2009



I hope everyone has a wonderful day!
With Love from your Personal Tarot Card Reader
Tilly xxx
Instant Chat Sessions Today at: http://www.liveperson.com/tilly-tarot

Tuesday, 20 January 2009


Greetings to Everyone,

I hope you are having a pleasant January. I am staying in from the cold and have been cleansing my home the last week or so. Seems brushing away all the cobwebs really does make the dreary month of January seem much more pleasant... I certainly recommend it. Happy Birthday to those who celebrated another year passed this month... there are certainly a lot of you and what better way to lift your spirits! Last weekend I spent some time reading for close friends and had the most wonderful experience when I drew the card of new employment for one whom had just received a job offer that day and had kept it to themselves. Well, she is very lucky in a time like this and regardless as I sat watching the inaugeration of Barack Obama today, I felt a new phase is truly upon us all and even without the start of a new presidency in the States we all have the power to turn our lives around. The ninth year of this new century is leading us towards the end of another decade and is the final step in our new journey in the year of the noughties. As I heard this afternoon on the BBC News with the Lords Prayer, 'deliver us from evil' which really struck me and made me listen. As a deeply spiritual person this statement connected with me in this time of financial turmoil with close friends and family and I felt this was truly a message that things are only going to be looking up. Take a look into the future and know that there are so many opportunities awaiting us all, all undiscovered and part of our destiny. I have faith that we are over the worst and although there are still a few rocky paths ahead, we are able to deal with anything we are faced with now. Love connections, financial freedom and our inner soul and spirit are healing and are only going to grow back stronger.

Sending you all lots of Positive Karma this January!

Oh, and just to let you know I now offer Telephone Tarot Card Readings where you can call me here at this address and talk direct: http://www.keen.co.uk/Tilly Tarot

Brightest Blessings to everyone...

x Tilly x

ps: Please note if you book a reading on Thursday I will be replying during the evening as I am at a family funeral a distance away. Many Thanks to you all!
Contact me today for a personal reading today.
Visit My Site: http://www.tillytarot.com
eBay: http://stores.ebay.co.uk/TILLYTAROT
Live Chat Reading: http://www.liveperson.com/tilly-tarot
Telephone Reading: http://www.keen.co.uk/Tilly Tarot
Email: mail@tillytarot.com

Sunday, 18 January 2009


Let Tilly Perform a reading today to reveal what lies ahead in all aspects of your life from Only £5!

Be Inspired Today!

Wednesday, 7 January 2009


Dear All,
I have now finished the January Newsletter. Here is your personal address where you can download it now...
I do hope you enjoy it and I wish you all a very Happy New Year!
X Tilly X

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