Tuesday, 30 December 2008

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Tarot Card Interpretations from the Major Arcana: 0 The Fool

During this series of articles I shall be using my personal deck to interpret the Tarot deck. They meanings relate to most decks and so you can apply them to your readings. The Tarot deck I am using is called The Classic Tarot by Della Rocca.

The Tarot deck has two sections; The Major Arcana of 22 Cards plus a further four suits of 14 cards altogether comprising of 78 cards in total. The Fool is taken from the Major Arcana.

The unnumbered card of The Fool is impulsive, can be blind to situations and is inclined to dive into things without thinking. However on the flip side, he represents a great time of new beginnings and a renewed childlike approach to the world again. He is the eternal optimist and when something is just around the corner you are worried about it is a great idea to go full speed ahead and worry about any minor problems when they happen. Opportunities only come around once in a while!

Remember to keep readdressing the situation you are in and keeping as much a level head as possible. With The Fool in your realm you probably won't listen to what anyone else has to say anyway! In terms of love make sure your not being led along the garden path, but as the Fool you are out for the experience and live life to the full...action may not always bring happiness; but there is no happiness without action.

Overall when The Fool appears in a reading know you could be on the verge of a grand new adventure. Maybe you are hoping to sell your home soon, wish to fall in love, start a new career, pass those exams, travel or whatever you have in your mind for the future. The world is your oyster but also be aware that Fools rush in where angels fear to tread. With this card in your personal Tarot spread know that something is going to make a very important impact on your life that if you choose to pursue will take you further along the path to your destiny.

The Fool will give you the breath of fresh air you so need in your life so you can leave behind the stale and stagnant lifestyle... it will give you the courage to step up and be heard again.


Content Source: Tarot Card Interpretations from the Major Arcana: 0 The Fool - Bukisa.com

Sunday, 21 December 2008

A Christmas Message To Everyone!

Well the days are really counting down now... there has been a flurry of activity and already it is Sunday! But... by Wednesday Evening we shall be relaxing and sitting back waiting for it all to begin. I still have a few cards and homemade chocolates to deliver and I will be hitting the shops tomorrow... early... for last minute stocking fillers and just to be in the full Christmas mode! I say this whilst surrounded by many fairy lights and candles all burning at 11:30am... well... I don't want to waste the opportunity to light up this Christmas!
For me being born a Christmas Eve baby I will be celebrating my birthday during that evening but please note I will be around all over Christmas for readings as mentioned in my previous email. I feel this time of year is particulary special, magical and has such a strong, positive connection with the Spirit world. It will truly be a pleasure to receive a reading during this time and even a hello email so keep in touch!

Oh and Midnight Tonight is the deadline for entries into the competition for 1 of 3 Full Celtic Cross readings! All you need to do is book a reading by midnight tonight and you're in with a chance to win a reading worth £30... an indepth and magical spread used for centuries to find solutions to our pressing and mysterious questions floating around in our minds. You can enter as many times as you want to! I wish you all lots of Good Luck and look forward to contacting the winners Monday!
Brightest Warm Blessings to you All!

X Tilly Tarot X

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Tuesday, 16 December 2008


Dear All this Frosty December!

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Saturday, 6 December 2008


To help know what to expect in 2009 I have put together a Tarot Card Reading to reveal all aspects of your life. This could be in areas such as Love, Career, Money, Home, Family or any other situation. Overcome any obstacles you may face and be ready for opportunities that await.

The Calendar Spread is an ancient method of predicting the next Twelve months. It is very in-depth with a month-by-month description using 12 cards plus an extra centre card for the theme of the year... so 13 in total.

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X Tilly Tarot X
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Friday, 5 December 2008

December Newsletter Out Now!

Dear all!

The December Newsletter packed with gift ideas for a credit crunch Christmas is now available to download here http://www.tillytarot.com/newsletters/
I do hope you enjoy it and prepare to be inspired!!!
X Tilly Tarot X

* (Tilly is featured in national magazine High Spirit this month!) *

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