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Tilly Tarot - Professional Tarot Card Reader, freelance writer, aspiring author.

As this is my first posting I thought I would write a little about myself. I have been reading Tarot Cards for over twenty years for friends and family. As a regenerated person from following my Spirit Guide and advice from the cards I have come through life’s experiences to now perform readings to help enlighten others. With an online store I have set up a permanent spiritual premises where I can perform personal readings by email and live online. In the past I have lived in Spain, Holland and now live on the coast of Kent in a little seaside town called Deal in England. With my experience of Native American Studies at Canterbury Christ Church University and Cultural Studies I felt a great call to follow a similar spiritual path. To glimpse into the future is truly a wonderful and rewarding experience that is like nothing I have ever experienced before. As a writer I thrive on the subject of Tarot and hope you enjoy the articles I have written for the World Tarot Annual of 2009. I am also to be featured in the December issue of High Spirit Magazine out 7th November.

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Member of the Tarot Association of the British Isles and Tarot Professionals
BA Honours American & Media Cultural Studies (Majors: Native Americans, Geography of California, American Cinema, Media & Communication.)
HND Business & Finance
NVQ III Secretarial Skills A Level English Language + Literature
A Level Media Studies
Self Taught Tarot Card Reader.
Psychic and Empath.

Spiritual Insights...
I believe everyone has a number of paths to follow in life and making the right choices can sometimes be clouded by the situation we are in at the time. By consulting my Tarot Cards I have found they have steered me in a positive direction and helped me through difficult circumstances in the past. I now wish to help others and await your questions.

Contact Information...
You can email me to enquire about a question if you wish. I endeavor to response within 24 hours.

Spend a little time choosing your question then when you have emailed me your full name, date of birth and time of birth I can perform your reading. To help connect better with you there is also the option of emailing a photo of yourself.

You will receive the reading in the form of a personal e-book that you can keep forever and refer back to when needed
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'A Modern Approach To Ancient Divination'

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